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This is adaVISION

With adaVISION, you can extract structured content from documents with the help of artificial intelligence. Document-heavy processes can thus be easily automated, independent of document type and applicable across all industries. From bank statements and invoices to legal documents and weighing slips, adaVISION enables efficient, automated data extraction and analysis to optimize business processes and support well-founded decisions.

How does adaVISION work?

adaVISION simplifies document management with a one-solution approach: adaVISION Core is a cloud service that extracts content from documents of all kinds. Data can be processed directly in customer-specific tenant modules and custom logics can be implemented. This enables the effective use of structured data via REST API, guaranteed GDPR-compliant and customizable across all industries.

Various input sources such as app scans, email inboxes, network drives, images and PDFs are fed into the system.


This data goes through several steps, starting with OCR, followed by processing by our AI engine. The data is then validated. If necessary, a fallback mechanism is activated before the data is returned structured as JSON.

Processing (optional)

Individual business logic and further processing can be implemented in customer-specific modules.


The prepared and structured data is made available via a REST API, which enables simple integration into other systems.

GDPR compliant processing

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Secure hosting

Our platform is hosted exclusively on Microsoft Azure servers in Western Europe to ensure first-class security and EU data protection compliance.

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No further processing

We use documents strictly only for the intended extraction of content, without using them to train our AI models.

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No storage

After the analysis, nothing remains on our servers. adaVISION does not store customer documents beyond the analysis process in order to maximize data protection and security.

Smart analysis for precise results using AI

adaVISION uses the advanced capabilities of Large Language Models (LLM) to recognize far more than just keywords - we understand context. Our tool interprets content with an accuracy that surpasses traditional solutions, making it ideal for complex documents of all kinds. From setting payment dates in contracts to identifying due dates, our API delivers accurate, actionable data.

No-training solution and format independent

adaVISION is an AI that can be used immediately without manual training or customer documents. It recognizes content format-agnostically, even for non-standardized documents, and thus offers a universal solution for processing diverse data types. 

Customizable for your business

With adaVISION Core, you lay the foundation for precise document analysis. If you also have individual requirements, the optional Tenant module allows seamless customization. It enables, for example, the implementation of specific business logic and the integration of customized functions that fit perfectly into your workflows. adaVISION thus offers you a flexible and dynamic solution that grows with the needs of your company.

Already 260+ documents supported

Balance sheets
Bank guarantees / surety bonds
Loan documents
Energy certificates
Due date notifications
Payroll accounting
Land register extracts
Guv Rechnung
P&L invoices
Sales contracts
Account statements
Identity cards
Tax assessments
Electricity bills
Evidence of assets
Wohnungsflache Berechnungen
Land register extracts
Delivery bills
Weighing slips
Vieles Mehr
...and many more!

From € 0.12 per analyzed page

Whether you are analyzing hundreds of documents or structuring millions of pages - adaVISION offers a transparent pricing model tailored to your use case. Only a small fee is charged per analyzed page - no setup fee.

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